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By the end of 2006, the CNMNC will handle about 60 new-mineral proposals, approximately the same number as in the previous few years (64 proposals in 2005; 59 in 2004, 70 in 2003, 67 in 2002) in batches of, on average, five proposals per month. Members will also have deliberated on five proposals involving mineral nomenclature revisions, the most substantial being a new nomenclature system for the pearceite­polybasite group and for minerals in the monazite group. In addition, members approved the discreditation of about 130 minerals and names on the Commission’s listing of ’grandfathered, questionable and non-approved’ minerals.
  1. Sulfosalt (Chairman: Yves MOELO, France)
  2. Pyrochlore (Chairman: Scott ERCIT, Canada)
  3. Tourmaline (Chairman: Milan NOVAK, Czech Republic)
  4. Alunite (Chairman: Peter BAYLISS, Australia)
  5. Epidote (Chairman: Thomas ARMBRUSTER, Switzerland)
  6. Amphibole (Chairpersons, Frank HAWTHORNE and Roberta OBERTI, Canada)
  7. Unnamed minerals (Chairman: Jeffrey DE FOURESTIER, Canada)
  8. Aenigmatite (Chairman: Dr Ed GREW, USA).

Three of these subcommittees finalised their reports in 2006:

  • Members approved both the Epidote and Unnamed Minerals reports and these have been submitted for publication.
  • The Sulfosalts report is now published by Yves Moelo, Emil Makovicky, and the IMA CNMNC Sulfosalt Subcommittee 2008 : Revision of sulfosalt definition and nomenclature. A review of sulfosalts systematics. European Journal of Mineralogy, 20, 1.
  • After a long period of chairmanship under Bernard Leake, the Amphibole Subcommittee was re-established in 2006 under Frank Hawthorne and Roberta Oberti.
  • The Tourmaline report will be completed before the end of the year.
  • The Aenigmatite group subcommittee was established following the IMA meeting in Kobe


CNMNC, Subcommittee on Unnamed Minerals, 2014 Report by Jeffrey de Fourestier

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CNMNC 2014 Report to IMA Council

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CNMNC Report 2012

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CNMNC 2010 Report

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CNMNC 2009 Report

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CNMNC 2008 Report

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CNMNC 2007 Report

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CNMNC Member list 2007

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CNMNC 2005 Report

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CNMNC 2004 Report

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CNMNC 2003 Report

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CNMNC 2002 Report

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CCM activities in 2005

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CCM activities in 2003

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CCM activities in 2004

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